Thursday, December 3, 2020

Indiana Pacers Game Schedule 2019-20 (Updated)

We all know that the Indiana Pacers Schedule is affected due to the COVID-19 along with the various other teams. As expected we think that his schedule will be postponed for a while from now until things go normal again. You can’t expect much from the Indian Pacers as they were having the bad time earlier in the league though we can’t say when the things will be good for the team again. Also, NBA Season 2019-20 will be updated here for everyone.

First of all the team is playing good and they are on the 5th position in this ongoing NBA Season 2019-20. We can’t say when then the league will continue as the things aren’t going good for the United States right now. The COVID-19 phase is in our nerve so the new Indiana Pacers Schedule will not be followed. Also, we heard that the authorities are postponing all the schedules for late this year. It is expected that the NBA Season 2019-2020 schedule will not happen again this year.

Now when it comes to the Indiana Pacers Schedule 2020 then we can say that it can change. The sources are saying NBA Season 2019-2020 will resume as it is postponed for an uncertain time from now but the exact time of this league to start again isn’t declared by the authority. So we can’t predict the exact schedule of Indiana Pacers Schedule 2020. It is expected that if the league starts again in the upcoming few months then all the teams will follow the same schedule in postponed dates.

So far it is hard to say when things will be normal again. As usual, in early October the Indiana Pacers team’s schedule was released but things didn’t go as expected for them. It was expected that the team would travel less than 40,000 miles for their road contests but everything is stuck now and we are waiting for the exact schedule to be resume again.

You all should know that Indiana Pacers is a professional team of basketball and they are based in Indianapolis. The team has a great record and they have played in the NBA as a member of the Eastern Conference Central Division. Also, the team was established back in 1967. The team has won and played a lot of tournaments so they don’t need any introduction. The team has a hall of fame players like Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin, Alex English, Mel Daniels, Roger Brown, and George McGinnis and they all have played for the team in a lot of NBA seasons.

Overall, we are waiting for the official Indiana Pacers Schedule 2020 though as we said above nothing is confirmed yet. A report earlier suggested that the delayed-schedule of all teams will continue and the next season will also delay. We can’t expect the reschedule of any team now in the middle of pandemic though things will be normal again and that is what we are expecting. The best thing about the team is that the name of the team is based on Indiana's history with the Indianapolis.

Indiana Pacers
Sort: DateOpponentTip-off (ET)H/AR/S
16 April 2020, Wednesday Washington Wizards07:30 PMAwayP
13 April 2020, Monday San Antonio Spurs07:00 PMHomeP
11 April 2020, Saturday Orlando Magic07:00 PMHomeP
8 April 2020, Wednesday Boston Celtics07:00 PMAwayP
7 April 2020, Tuesday Miami Heat07:30 PMAwayP
5 April 2020, Sunday Washington Wizards05:00 PMHomeP
3 April 2020, Friday Brooklyn Nets07:00 PMHomeP
1 April 2020, Wednesday Los Angeles Lakers10:30 PMAwayP
30 March 2020, Monday Los Angeles Clippers10:30 PMAwayP
29 March 2020, Sunday Sacramento Kings09:00 PMAwayP
27 March 2020, Friday Houston Rockets07:00 PMHomeP
25 March 2020, Wednesday Orlando Magic07:00 PMAwayP
23 March 2020, Monday Phoenix Suns07:00 PMHomeP
21 March 2020, Saturday Cleveland Cavaliers07:00 PMHomeP
20 March 2020, Friday Miami Heat07:00 PMHomeP
19 March 2020, Wednesday Golden State Warriors07:30 PMHomeP
15 March 2020, Wednesday Philadelphia 76ers07:30 PMAwayP
10 March 2020, Tuesday Boston Celtics07:00 PMHomeL
9 March 2020, Sunday Dallas Mavericks07:00 PMAwayW
7 March 2020, Friday Chicago Bulls08:00 PMAwayW
5 March 2020, Thursday Milwaukee Bucks09:30 PMAwayL
3 March 2020, Tuesday San Antonio Spurs08:30 PMAwayW
1 March 2020, Sunday Cleveland Cavaliers08:30 PMAwayW
29 February 2020, Saturday Cleveland Cavaliers08:00 PMAwayW
27 February 2020, Thursday Portland Trail Blazers08:00 PMHomeW
25 February 2020, Tuesday Charlotte Hornets07:00 PMHomeW
23 February 2020, Sunday Toronto Raptors06:00 PMAwayL
21 February 2020, Friday New York Knicks07:30 PMAwayW
12 February 2020, Wednesday Milwaukee Bucks07:30 PMHomeW
10 February 2020, Monday Brooklyn Nets07:00 PMHomeL
8 February 2020, Saturday New Orleans Pelicans07:30 PMHomeL
7 February 2020, Friday Toronto Raptors08:00 PMHomeL
5 February 2020, Friday Toronto Raptors07:30 PMAwayL
3 February 2020, Monday Dallas Mavericks07:00 PMHomeL
1 February 2020, Saturday New York Knicks07:00 PMHomeL
29 January 2020, Wednesday Chicago Bulls07:00 PMHomeW
26 January 2020, Sunday Portland Trail Blazers09:00 PMAwayL
24 January 2020, Friday Golden State Warriors10:30 PMAwayW
22 January 2020, Wednesday Phoenix Suns09:00 PMAwayW
20 January 2020, Monday Utah Jazz09:00 PMAwayL
19 January 2020, Sunday Denver Nuggets08:00 PMAwayW
17 January 2020, Friday Minnesota Timberwolves07:00 PMHomeW
15 January 2020, Wednesday Minnesota Timberwolves08:00 PMAwayW
13 January 2020, Monday Philadelphia 76ers07:00 PMHomeW
10 January 2020, Friday Chicago Bulls08:00 PMAwayW
8 January 2020, Wednesday Miami Heat07:00 PMHomeL
6 January 2020, Monday Charlotte Hornets07:00 PMAwayW
4 January 2020, Saturday Atlanta Hawks07:30 PMAwayL
2 January 2020, Thursday Denver Nuggets07:00 PMHomeL
31 December 2019, Tuesday Philadelphia 76ers03:00 PMHomeW
28 December 2019, Saturday New Orleans Pelicans07:00 PMAwayL
27 December 2019, Friday Miami Heat08:00 PMAwayL
23 December 2019, Monday Toronto Raptors07:00 PMHomeW
22 December 2019, Sunday Milwaukee Bucks07:00 PMAwayL
20 December 2019, Friday Sacramento Kings07:00 PMHomeW
17 December 2019, Tuesday Los Angeles Lakers07:00 PMHomeW
15 December 2019, Sunday Charlotte Hornets05:00 PMHomeW
13 December 2019, Friday Atlanta Hawks07:30 PMAwayW
11 December 2019, Wednesday Boston Celtics07:00 PMHomeW
9 December 2019, Monday Los Angeles Clippers07:00 PMHomeL
7 December 2019, Saturday New York Knicks07:30 PMAwayW
6 December 2019, Friday Detroit Pistons07:00 PMAwayL
4 December 2019, Wednesday Oklahoma City Thunder08:00 PMAwayW
2 December 2019, Monday Memphis Grizzlies08:00 PMAwayW
30 November 2019, Saturday Philadelphia 76ers07:00 PMAwayL
29 November 2019, Friday Atlanta Hawks08:00 PMHomeW
27 November 2019, Wednesday Utah Jazz07:00 PMHomeW
25 November 2019, Monday Memphis Grizzlies07:00 PMHomeW
23 November 2019, Saturday Orlando Magic07:00 PMHomeW
18 November 2019, Monday Brooklyn Nets07:30 PMAwayW
16 November 2019, Saturday Milwaukee Bucks07:00 PMHomeL
15 November 2019, Friday Houston Rockets08:00 PMAwayL
12 November 2019, Tuesday Oklahoma City Thunder07:00 PMHomeW
10 November 2019, Sunday Orlando Magic06:00 PMAwayW
8 November 2019, Friday Detroit Pistons07:00 PMHomeW
6 November 2019, Wednesday Washington Wizards07:00 PMHomeW
5 November 2019, Tuesday Charlotte Hornets07:00 PMAwayL
3 November 2019, Sunday Chicago Bulls05:00 PMHomeW
1 November 2019, Friday Cleveland Cavaliers07:00 PMHomeW
30 October 2019, Wednesday Brooklyn Nets07:30 PMAwayW
28 October 2019, Monday Detroit Pistons07:00 PMAwayL
26 October 2019, Saturday Cleveland Cavaliers08:00 PMAwayL
23 October 2019, Wednesday Detroit Pistons07:00 PMHomeL


Indiana Pacers depth chart for the 2019-2020 NBA season

Malcolm BrogdonVictor OladipoTJ WarrenDomantas SabonisMyles Turner
TJ McConnellCJ WilcoxJustin HolidayTJ LeafGoga Bitadze
Edmond SumnerJeremy LambDoug McDermottAlize Johnson
Aaron HolidayJaKarr SampsonJaKeenan Gant
Naz Mitrou-LongBrian Bowen

Indiana Pacers Roster 2019-20 (Updated)

 Goga Bitadze (88)C202.11M$2,816,760
 Brian Bowen II (10)SG211.98M----
 Aaron Holiday (3)PG231.83M$2,329,200
 T.J. Leaf (22)PF232.08M$2,813,280
 Alize Johnson (24)PF242.01M$1,416,852
 Domantas Sabonis (11)PF242.11M$3,529,555
 Edmond Sumner (5)PG241.93M$2,000,000
 Myles Turner (33)C242.11M$18,000,000
 Naz Mitrou-Long (15)SG261.91M----
 T.J. Warren (1)SF262.03M$10,810,000
 Malcolm Brogdon (7)PG271.96M$20,000,000
 Jeremy Lamb (26)SG271.96M$10,500,000
 JaKarr Sampson (14)SF272.01M$1,620,564
 T.J. McConnell (9)PG281.85M$3,500,000
 Doug McDermott (20)SF282.01M$7,333,333
 Victor Oladipo (4)SG281.93M$21,000,000
 Justin Holiday (8)SF311.98M$4,767,000
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