Keyman for Nets to join the battle for victory One of the highlights of the NBA 2020-21 season, which kicks off on December 22, is the return of Kevin Durant, who moved to Nets.

Andre Iguodala named Kevin Durant as MVP candidate for 2020-21 season "I'm looking forward to KD's play"

Durant, who was seriously injured in the Achilles tendon rupture at the 2019 NBA Finals, took a break from last season and spent time on treatment and rehabilitation. Durant, who will return from the new season, will play with Kyrie Irving on a team led by Steve Nash.

It’s hard to tell what kind of team chemistry will be created, but Nets is one of the winning candidates because of the attractive players besides Durant and Irving. Still, it depends on Durant’s condition whether Nets will join the race for victory. Although the opening time is later than the whole year due to the influence of the new coronavirus, considering that it is the first year to recover from the Achilles tendon rupture, there is a high possibility that the participation time will be limited from the beginning of the season.

Durant is one of the top game changers among active players and is the most reliable in this situation. Andre Iguodala, who saw his play up close during the Warriors era, has already named KD Durant as a candidate for the 2021 season MVP. “I’m looking forward to playing KD. Before the season, he’s an MVP candidate for me,” said Iguodala, who starred in “The Match: Champions for Change.”

In order to be selected in the MVP vote, how much it contributed to the victory of the team is an important factor while leaving the individual stats. Perhaps the new season’s MVP battle will also be centered around Janice Adetokumbo and LeBron James, who have won the award for the second consecutive year. It would be difficult to break into the competition between the two unless they could lead Nets to the top of the East Conference and outperform Adetokumbo’s Bucks.

It is interesting to see how Nets, who was appointed head coach Nash and former Rockets commander Mike D’Antoni as assistant coach, will make use of Durant after the breakdown, but finally he will return to the front and pay attention to Durant’s highly motivated performance. That’s right.


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