This season, the second year since I joined Levanga, I was assigned the captain. Just before the team started in early July, head coach Miyanaga said, “I want you to be a captain,” and on the spot, I replied, “I understand. I will do my best.”

Basketball brain of Ryoma Hashimoto Ideal captain image without pressing

It’s a great honor for me and it will be a good experience for me to connect with in the future. I keep in mind that I have to do it well because I feel that it is not something that anyone can do.

Miyanaga aims to be a basketball player who fights with fierce defense throughout the 40 minutes of the game. You have to be a player who pulls around in your own play so that the whole team can be in that tone.

Role to connect players

Until now, I have been a captain in almost all age groups, including elementary school, junior high school, and university. As a professional, I have experience in Mikawa and also in Japan.

As the number of experiences I have accumulated increases, I think my ideal captain image has changed. But what is consistent is the idea that it is impossible to do everything on your own. My idea is to involve my friends and help them create a big flow.

Even in one team, each player has his or her own opinion and feels differently. What I am strongly aware of as a captain is to play a role in connecting them well.

For that purpose, I don’t think we should force people to do this. I want to be such a captain who can naturally move everyone’s feelings in one direction.

I want you to be aware of your sense of mission and put it into practice

Earlier this year, there was a time when we couldn’t play due to the influence of the new coronavirus. This season, I have a stronger desire to do my best for the boosters.

It is really important to fight one game at a time, and to do your best in any game. And you have to deliver the victory. I think that this year’s Levanga Hokkaido must continue to have a sense of mission.

When I was young, I felt that playing basketball was quite commonplace. As I got older while experiencing various things and gradually reached the level of veteran, I realized the “gratitude”.

That’s why I don’t think it’s something that forces young players on the current team to “feel that kind of thing.” If each player notices and feels that way, I would like them to think about what to do and put it into practice. I want you to follow your own path as a player while feeling various things.


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