4 men’s games and 6 women’s games held

Due to the nationwide spread of the new coronavirus, the number of participating teams was reduced to 20 this year, but the men’s Emperor’s Cup and the women’s Empress’s Cup began yesterday.

Basketball Emperor's Cup & Empress's Cup opens, Fukuoka Daiichi defeats Kyoto Sangyo University with a buzzer-beater

The battle between Fukuoka Daiichi, the champion of the men’s high school basketball world, and Kyoto Sangyo University attracted attention in the first round. Fukuoka Daiichi, who finished the first half with a 3-point behind, was able to score a 3-point shot with a high probability and temporarily expanded the behind to 17 points. Even so, as he triggered 26 turnovers in this game, when he grabbed the rhythm from the defense that continued to put pressure on the double team from the front line, he succeeded in reversing by firing the haste, which is the treasure sword of the legendary family. With eight seconds remaining in the final quarter, Kaiki Hojo scored a three-point shot to catch up with the tie, but Kieki Etopy Ali pushed his shot mistake at the same time as the ending buzzer and won 86-84.

1st Round Results
Nagasaki Teachers Club 55-102 Tryhoop Okayama Satellite
Fukuoka Daiichi High School 86-84 Kyoto Sangyo University
Ishikawa Blue Sparks 66-88 Rintatsu
ST-IWATE LANDERS 73-98 Hitachi Metal Bulldogs

Yamanashi Queen bees 80-58 Shiga Bank Lake Venus
Mitsubishi Electric Koalas 84-33 Nihon Keizai University
Aisin AW Wings 84-61 Kiyo Bank Heartbeats
Toyota Boshoku Sunshine Rabbits 80-61 Osaka University of Human Sciences
Hitachi High-Tech Cougars 130-39 Prefectural Ashiwa High School
Niigata Albirex BB Rabbits 69-78 Akita Bank RED ARROWS


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