“Joel’s words and deeds can offend his opponent.” Dwight Howard, who moved to the Seventy Sixers, changed his reputation in a year at the Lakers. The appearance of accepting the appointment in the second unit, not complaining even if the play time is not given depending on the tactics used by the opponent, and inspiring the teammates aloud from the bench is unimaginable from the previous Howard. It was.

Dwight Howard calls Joel Embiid's "Educator" "It's time to take it more seriously"

After moving to the Sixers, he is aware that he will be the reserve for Joel Embiid at the All-Star Center. Howard said at the Sixers’ press conference that he seemed to be looking at himself over Embiid.

“Joel’s words and deeds can offend his opponents, so he may be able to stay focused and benefit the team, but it’s time to take it more seriously. And the team has to work together. I think it’s important for everyone on the team to understand TPO, not for someone to sacrifice something. “

“I used to be criticized by people around me for being’not focused on the game’and’too playful’, so I want to tell young players a lot. For those outside the team, I was playful. It seemed like that. It’s important to do the right thing for the team, so I want to do that next season. “

While at the Lakers in the 2012-13 season, Howard was unable to establish a smooth relationship with Kobe Bryant. It is said that the reason is that Kobe’s attitude of demanding that he and his surroundings devote everything to victory and Howard’s way of working with humor sometimes did not mesh. Still, last season when he returned to the Lakers, Howard continued to play his role once he entered the court, contributing to the team’s victory.

The Sixers form a team around the duo of Embiid and Ben Simmons. Howard, who joined as a supporting cast, will support Embiid, who has already grown into a top-class big man, and will inject the essence necessary to win the team into the team.


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