Jazz Donovan Mitchell, who won the Max contract, "Efforts have pushed me to this position."

Considering activities to financially support young people

Jazz Donovan Mitchell has extended his contract with the team for five years at a maximum of $ 195.6 million.

It’s a good deal for Mitchell, who has been in the rookie battle with Ben Simmons of the Seventy Sixers in the first year and has been leading the team as a young jazz ace. If you win such a contract, Mitchell will be able to support the whole family, so you can concentrate on basketball without worrying about financial matters.

In an interview with “Deseert News”, “Efforts have pushed me to this position. So I will continue to work hard. I will continue to be a person and a player. I’m convinced. If it didn’t look the way I wanted it, I was destined to do that, “said Mitchell, looking calmly right after winning the super-large contract.

Mitchell, who has been actively involved in community activities for some time, has continued to speak out in the active Black Lives Matter-related movement since this summer. Of course, winning jazz is his goal as a player, but he has another legacy that he wants to preserve for posterity. Mitchell says it’s not about basketball, but as a black man, it’s time to change society.

“Winning is a great goal, but I’m a black man before I’m a basketball player. One day I want to tell my kid,’Daddy was part of this activity.'”

“I’ve been giving back to my off-court activities, but now I’ll be able to do more at a higher level,” he said. It is said that it is considering some plans such as activities to support the economy.

He wants not only to succeed in jazz, but also to be able to send a strong message to society even after he retires. “My life as a basketball player is about 10 to 15 years. Before that, I was a black man and there are many unfair things in the world. So I think that the people around me are well-educated. I want to help my child grow as a country. I would be very happy if I could tell my children the role I played in this society. “


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