Jordan Hamilton (Shiga Lakestars) All Rounder Exclusive Interview "I Can Play In A Happy Environment"

So far played in 11 games, averaging 22.2 points 8.2 rebounds 6.8 assists and has recorded a high number in all aspects Shiga Lakestars of Jordan Hamilton. Although joining the team was delayed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, in the B League debut against Niigata Albirex BB, a total of 48 points were scored in two races, giving a big impact, and in the match against Alvark Tokyo on November 7th. Recorded 27 points, 13 rebounds, 10 assists and triple-doubles. Although it is the first year of the B League challenge, it has already given a big impact to the league. We talked to him, who is making a name for himself as one of the best all-rounders in the league.

If you have 100% condition, you can consistently deliver victory

  • So far, the team has recorded 6 wins and 9 losses, and the individual has averaged 22.2 points. How do you feel about this number?

Jordan Hamilton, First of all, I’m glad that I can leave good stats in the personal part. However, that is not all, but the goal is to win the team, so it is important how much you can contribute to the team. I haven’t participated in the championship since I joined the B League as a team, so I would like to be one of the players who can take me there. I personally play well, but I feel that I’m only doing about 80% of the performance, so if I have 100%, I think I can pull the team and consistently deliver the victory. I will do my best to get there as soon as possible.

  • I heard that your brother Gary Hamilton has been playing in Japan for a long time and currently lives in Shiga prefecture. Did your brother’s presence make you decide to come to Japan?

Jordan Hamilton has experienced bj league, B2 and B3, and has heard about Japan’s greatness for a long time. Not only my brothers, but also my acquaintances and friends play in Japan, but I’ve always wanted to play in Japan because they only ask me what’s good about the Japanese league.

I have also experienced the NBA, but I wanted to come because it is a country with a high level as one of the leagues other than the NBA and it is easy to live. We play with great teammates on this team and we have great staff so we feel like we are playing basketball in a comfortable environment.

  • Please tell us the reason why you decided to join Shiga Lakestars again

I heard from my brother Jordan Hamilton that the team called Shiga Lakestars is growing significantly, and I wish I could be a member of the team and help. After the end of last season, we received offers from various regions, but “big growth” was the reason for making the final decision. I’m having a good season now, and even considering my future career, I’m hoping that I can spend a long time in Japan.

  • What is your impression of the city of Shiga?

Jordan Hamilton is great. I haven’t been able to go around Lake Biwa yet, and my brothers say that there are some places I would like to take. In that sense, I’m looking forward to seeing Shiga, which I don’t know yet. The people in Shiga are kind and treat me with the desire to help me even if I don’t speak English. I feel that it is easy to live because everyone is kind to me.

  • You have participated in 11 games so far. What is your impression of the B League?

Jordan Hamilton level is high, I feel that it is a fun league to play, and I also feel that the team could have achieved more results. As I said earlier, I’m not 100% out, so if I raise that, I think I can win more as a team. What I like about this league format is that I can play against the same team twice on weekends. You can fix what you couldn’t do in the first game and start over in the second game. All of my teammates have a strong desire to become stronger and better, and even during practice, they are constantly working hard to increase their fighting spirit. This team has been practicing for two to two and a half hours at a long time, but the practice does not end, and some players come early before the start and practice, and conversely, they remain even after hard practice There are many players who are practicing individually, and I think that I can do more if I see such a place. The staff has been around for a long time, trying to take in new things and trying to find out what’s wrong, so I feel that I can play in a happy environment.

Believe in Dennis HC and do our best so that we can demonstrate our performance

  • What kind of commander is Shawn Dennis HC from Hamilton’s point of view? He is a great

Jordan Hamilton head coach and a great human being. Even when I talked on the phone before I came to Japan, he took care of me and talked about various things such as what the situation was and what life in Japan was like. In the basketball part, he took a close look at his play and talked about what would make a difference in this team and what he could do to make an impact on the league.

In practice, he doesn’t just hit the coach’s opinions, he looks at the whole team and thinks about what is best. I always seek high standards and coach each player so that they can reach them, so I really respect them both as a person and as a coach. I feel that the team can do it in this situation because of him, and I don’t think this team will go down from here, so I just go up from here. I believe in the coach and want to do it as a team.

  • While some players take time to adapt to Japan, it seems that the three Shiga players are already blending in. What do you think is the factor that melted in so quickly?

Jordan Hamilton, After all, I think that Dennis HC has a big presence. Since I’m from Australia, I think I’ve had a good relationship with Angus (Brant) for a long time, but when I recruited myself and Jonathan, he told me the reason on the phone. Thanks to that, I could imagine what I would do with this team and what it would be like. What Dennis HC did was very big, and although there was a period of isolation and the joining to the team was delayed, the Japanese players warmly welcomed me even in the practice on the first day. It was really great to have created an environment where I could play comfortably from the first day, and I think the presence of coaches who created such an environment is great.

  • Please tell us your goals as a team and as an individual this season. 

Jordan Hamilton’s team is to keep growing and fight against any opponent. We think we are a team that can fight well against any opponent, and we showed it to the whole league against Alvark Tokyo . In the subsequent match against Shinshu Brave Warriors , we performed a depressing performance, but if we grow up while learning one by one, we will not drop such a match. Interestingly, away games have a higher win rate, but for those who support me, winning at home is the best, so I want to grow so that I can win at home.

As an individual, I have to work constantly in terms of numbers, and I think that will lead to victory for the team, so my biggest goal is to always maintain my own conditioning level. The season is still long, so I want to be able to perform at a high level all the time.

Also, this is a goal for both teams and individuals, but I would like to aim for a championship. Many people may find it difficult for Shiga to go in this situation, but I don’t want to be able to decide on it, so let’s aim for that and show the people around us what kind of team we are. I want to do it. To that end, we believe in Dennis HC’s basket and will do our best to demonstrate our performance.

  • Finally, do you have a message for the booster?

Jordan Hamilton, I’m sorry we didn’t win at home. All the games that we lost at home have lost the games that we can win, so we will continue to grow steadily so that we can deliver the victory. The cheers of the boosters have become indispensable, so I hope that you will continue to send us your warm support at the venue. I can do more if my family comes from the United States, but I would be grateful if you could give me a hot cheer because Corona can’t do that. He says his goal is to “always grow and fight against any opponent”


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