Preparing for the battle that will occur if Adetokumbo does not agree on a contract

The biggest concern at the current NBA is whether Janice Adetokumbo will sign a five-year, $ 228 million Supermax contract extension with Bucks. The deadline for extending the contract is December 21, and if not agreed by that date, Adetokumbo will become a free agent next summer, and fierce competition between teams will begin.

Lakers Anthony Davis is the re-contract pending to win Janice Adetokumbo?

Teams aiming to acquire Adetokumbo need to secure enough cap space to conclude a super-large contract. Speaking of the Lakers, there’s no room for cap space with the deal between LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ superstar. Davis hasn’t signed an extension at this time, but the chances of moving to another team are close to zero. ESPN reported that Davis is holding a renewal contract to bring Adetokumbo to the Lakers. Davis says he plans to adjust his contract so that if Adetokumbo decides to leave, he can move to the Lakers next year.

Here’s the Lakers subscription scenario for Adetokumbo. If Adetokumbo does not agree to extend the contract with Bucks by December 21, Davis will sign a two-year contract for player options in the second year. Rejecting the option next summer and breaking the contract, LeBron James, like Davis, rejecting the player option next summer will create a cap space to sign Adetokumbo.

Davis and Lebron can re-contract after signing Adetokumbo. However, both of them will inevitably receive a large reduction in their annual salary, and will also change their rosters, such as trading and contract cancellation. Major players such as Kentavius ​​Cordwell Pope, Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso, newcomers Marc Gasol and Montrezl Harrell are likely to be released.

There are a number of major hurdles for Adetokumbo to join the Lakers, but the possibilities remain as long as the extension of the contract with Bucks is pending. From the perspective of Davis and the Lakers, it may be true that there is no need to rule out that possibility.


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