Marco Belinelli

Choose your home country Italy as your last place in your career? Marco Belinelli, a free agent who spent last season at the Spurs, has decided to move to Bologna, Italy, where he started his professional career.

Belinelli started his NBA career in 2007 after being nominated by the Warriors for 18th place in the first round of the draft. He was praised for his high shooting ability, and has since traveled to nine teams in 13 years with the Raptors, Hornets (now Pelicans), Bulls, Spurs, Kings, Hornets, Hawks, and Seventy Sixers. In 2014, when he won the 3-point shoot contest, he helped win the NBA with the Spurs he belonged to at the time, and became the first Italian to win the championship ring.

Verinelli has played 860 games in 13 years, averaging 22.7 minutes of playtime, 9.7 points and a 3-point shot success rate of 37.6%. Last season, he played 57 games from the bench, averaging 6.3 points and a 3-point shooting success rate of 37.6%, and even now at the age of 34, his shooting ability has not declined.

Before the regular season resumed with Bubble, Belinelli wanted to play in the NBA next season, but said he would consider returning to Europe, depending on the social conditions surrounding the new coronavirus. “We give top priority to signing up with the NBA team and aiming for the championship again, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think about other options.”

As a result, Verinelli chose “another option” and decided to return to Bologna. According to the team’s official website, a three-year contract has been reached, making it extremely unlikely that Verinelli will be seen playing in the NBA, given his age.


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