Last season’s champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, were off-season trade and draft, free agent (FA) fronts with Danny Green (now Philadelphia 76ers), Avery Bradley (now Miami Heat), and Rajon Rondo (now Rajon Rondo ). The back court team called (Atlanta Hawks) leaked.

Matthews with the Lakers "I'll do whatever this team wants"

To fill that gap, Oklahoma City Thunder has traded with scoring guard Dennis Schluder and Cleveland Cavaliers to win Alfonzo McKinney, and FA veteran Wesley Matthews has set the roster for a straight win.

In particular, Matthews, who signed a contract on November 23 (22 local time), is a veteran in his 12th year of career, and his father Wesley Matthews Sr. played with Irvine “Magic” Johnson and others at the Lakers in the late 1980s. He has experienced two consecutive victories in 1987 and 1988.

The 34-year-old veteran wo n’t play for as long as LeBron James and Anthony Davis (re-contracted), but he’s sure to be in the Lakers as a role player with three points and good defense.

With a high probability of 38.1 percent on average for his career, 3 points will allow you to see Matthews brilliantly sinking a long-range gun from Lebron’s kickout.

“That’s why I want to shoot. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to shoot? I know that if I go to my spot, the ball will come to me,” Matthews said with confidence at the press conference the other day. There is.

However, the true value of this man is defense. Since he has been matching up with Lebron as an opponent team so far, his main role is to support the Lakers teammates such as Lebron and slow down the scorers and shooters of the opponent team.

Matthews said, “I’ll do whatever this team wants. I want to think it’s defense. I can read the situation and even adjust in a hurry. The mindset of defending. Because it is equipped with, “he said, and he can expect great devoted play.

A player like Matthews who can contribute to the team as a role player regardless of starting or refraining will be encouraging for the defending champion.


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