NBA Draft 2021 No. 1 Nomination Candidate Cade Cunningham Makes NCAA Debut

Cade Cunningham is one of the top three class of 2020 generations on all ESPN, 247Sports, and rating sites. This five-star point guard won numerous awards in high school, and the last year is “McDonald’s All American,” “Jordan Brand Classic,” and “Nike Hoop Summit,” which is held by the elite of the United States. I want high school students, including the MVP of the three Summit tournaments, the National Player of the Year Award for MaxPreps, and the Naismith Awards that have been awarded to Kobe Bryant (former Los Angeles Lakers) and LeBron James (Lakers) in the past . I showed the title as a total name.

Cade Cunningham, who is expected to join the NBA, will face the University of Texas at Arlington in the first match of the college league. Of course, the player, who was appointed as a starting 5 point guard, was entrusted with the ball from the beginning and shook the attacking tact.

The dignified ball handling is so calm that I can’t think of 19 years old when he made his university debut. In addition, the rim attack that makes use of the blessed physique of 203 cm and athletic performance is reminiscent of senior Ben Simmons (Philadelphia 76ers). The judgment and propulsion that he brought into his favorite transitions threatened his opponent, and the offensive power of Cade Cunningham was essential for Oklahoma State University to balance the game.

In addition, some improvement was seen in the jump shot, which was an issue. In the first half, he sank a stop and jump from the front of the paint area, and succeeded in 2 out of 5 points, which he was not good at, and kept 40%. If the shots are refined, the variation of offense will expand further, and it will surely transform into an even more uncontrollable player.

In the end, Oklahoma State University defeated the University of Texas at Arlington 75-68. Cade Cunningham himself made his NCAA debut with a white star with a double-double of 20 points and 10 rebounds. Of course, I would like to mention evaluation points other than stats, such as leadership that brings together seniors as a point guard and devoted defense that makes use of excellent footwork.

The first team of Cade Cunningham that many teams will crave for in the NBA Draft 2021. You can check the highlight video on YouTube.


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