Pistons rookies Killian Hayes "I'm excited to play with D Rose"

“We are all the generation who grew up watching Derrick Rose” The Pistons nominated the French point guard Killian Hayes in 7th place overall in the draft. Troy Weaver GM is said to have been scouting haze before last season when he was playing at the German ratiopharm arena Ulm.

“I’ve been watching Killian since he was 16 years old. I went to see his play before the new Corona became popular. I was lucky to start scouting early. Good scouts I’m quick to get to work. I’ve seen him play since he was 16 and I’m used to drafting. I’m really excited about Kirian coming to Detroit. “

Haze, who has decided to join the Pistons, will team up with veteran Derrick Rose. Reinforcement of the point guard was a top priority for Pistons, so joining Haze was able to meet the number one need. Commander Dwane Casey has high hopes for the rookie and veteran backcoat.

“As with any rookie, there’s a lot to learn. There aren’t many opportunities to learn from players like Derrick Rose, play against them, and steal their skills. Elite-class backcourt if they play together. Kirian is good at finding allies and making passes. Great passers and a wide field of vision. He will learn a lot from Derrick. “

Rose may be traded during the season, the final year of the contract next season, but it’s a valuable opportunity for Hayes to learn from one of the league’s best point guards, who won the MVP. Hayes is also looking forward to playing with Rose.

“I’m really excited to be able to play, learn and compete with Derrick Rose. It’s a great opportunity to grow as a player and learn a lot from the beginning. Next season there will be no Summer League so the season will start in no time. I’m really grateful to learn from him. We’re all grown up watching Derrick Rose, and it’s definitely great to be with him. “


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