The Warriors are about to open their training camp, with commander Steve Kerr answering reporters’ questions online. The biggest concern of the reporters is that the Warriors will fight without Klay Thompson for the second year in a row.

Steve Kerr who lost Klay Thompson again, said, "There is a hole in our lineup and in our hearts."

Thompson, who spent last season rehabilitating a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee, suffered a serious injury the other day that ruptured the Achilles tendon. The return during the next season is seen as despair, and it is said that the player’s life is in danger. With the return of Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, the Warriors would have been candidates for victory again, but things have changed.

Kerr revealed in his painful heart that he had not yet swallowed the tragedy that struck Thompson again. “The lack of clay has made a hole. We have a hole in our lineup and in our hearts. That’s how big he is for this team. Steph, Clay and Draymond are at the core of this team. Yes, I’ve been building a team over the last 7 or 8 years. I think it’s really tough to get over, especially for Steph and Draymond. I think it’s tough for everyone, but I have no choice but to get over it. “

Thompson has been lost, but Carr believes he will be able to perform in his heyday for Curry and Green. “I think Steph and Draymond will be doing great things for years to come. I’m in touch with them. I talked to Draymond this morning and last night with Steph. During the summer, they’ll be together. We were in touch. They like to play because they are basketball players. And they are competitive. They are both ready to fight because of the long off. “

Warriors GM Bob Myers lamented not only Thompson’s departure, but also the short preparation period due to the effects of the new coronavirus, which prevented team building from proceeding as expected. “The hardest thing (injured by Thompson) is to evaluate the people who work at the front desk, including myself. If one of the core players on the team is left out, it will be difficult. We have to evaluate the team and see if the players fit throughout the season and how they work for individual players, the team as a whole, and both offensive and defensive. “


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