On the 2nd, the House of Councilors plenary session passed a bill to amend the Sports Promotion Voting Law with a majority of supporters, and basketball will be added to the sports promotion vote.

The House of Councilors passed an amendment to make basketball eligible for sports lottery

As a result, new products for sports promotion voting for B League games will be sold, which will lead to the excitement of the B League and basketball world, and will also lead to the expansion of sports promotion subsidies by expanding sales of sports promotion voting. Since it can contribute to securing financial resources, in order to enact this amendment, activities such as submitting a request to the bipartisan sports parliamentary federation and basketball promotion parliamentary federation joint meeting led by Shinji Shimada of B League I was continuing.

Chairman Shimada announced the following comments regarding the passage of the law amendment.

“Basketball has now been added to the sports promotion vote, and new products for B.LEAGUE games are expected to be sold in the future. It is very important that B.LEAGUE can contribute to the expansion of sports promotion subsidy resources. It is an honor for me, and at the same time, I feel a responsibility for more and more stable operation. With the revision of the law, support for infectious diseases will be subsidized, so the severe situation will continue due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection. I think this is a very positive thing for the sports world. We would like to utilize the subsidy system and connect it to the development of leagues and clubs.”


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