The mission is “Equal familiarity with sports for all young people” In partnership with Stephen Curry, Under Armor will establish a new performance brand, the Curry Brand, whose mission is to make all young people equally familiar with sports.

Under Armor's "Curry Brand" is born "Talent is everywhere, but opportunities aren't everywhere"

The Curry brand offers a variety of solutions to support children who are not well-equipped to play sports and their communities. We develop products such as shoes, apparel, and accessories in multiple categories including basketball goals and golf. Part of the sales will be invested in creating safe playgrounds, supporting team sports, and developing coaches and leadership.

Regarding the establishment of the Curry brand, Curry made the following comments. “Through more than a decade of community work with Under Armor, I learned that talent is everywhere, but opportunities aren’t everywhere.”

“What we have been working on together is to bridge the gap between the two and create a more equal space. I am today because I was playing sports when I was a kid. Hard work, The power to overcome adversity, teamwork and communication. Sport teaches young athletes many important life skills, which is why we are passionate about making these opportunities accessible to everyone through the Curry brand.”


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