Where is James Harden going and where would he trade if he hits the Rockets with a tough "NO"?

The current NBA is a trade that seems absurd

James Harden and Russell Westbrook. It’s been a week since the Rockets’ two proud ace reportedly demanded trades one after another. During that time, no concrete movement has been made. Harden was suspected of going to Nets at the invitation of Kevin Durant, but Nets’ GM Sean Marks responded to the rumor by saying, “Is it true, or if it is true, when will it happen? I can’t talk fictitiously, “he dismissed as not being controversial.

I don’t have time for this off. He has extended his contract with Joe Harris and won Bruce Brown to improve his backcoat defense, but there’s still more work to be done. Marks GM can’t be swayed by Harden’s rumors of unknown authenticity.

Both Harden and Westbrook have contracts with the Rockets until the 2022-23 season. Even if the final year, which is a player option, is discarded, there are two more seasons left. It’s possible to tie up with a contract under the rules, but with the recent NBA, that’s just an unfortunate result for both the team and the players. Nowadays, players have a strong voice, and if they strongly desire, they have no choice but to trade. But where are the negotiators who can get a return commensurate with the release of MVP?

It’s not easy, but it’s not without roads. Wizards still have the potential to turn to team restructuring. Tommy Shepherd GM denies John Wall’s demand for a trade, but if this were the case, the trade with Westbrook would hold. Although the characteristics and individuality of the players are different, the salaries are almost the same and it is a combination that is easy to trade.

Bradley Beal and James Harden could be traded if the two teams agree in a situation where they have to part with Ace. For the Rockets, if Harden’s detention potential is completely diminished (which is believed to be the case at this time), and Wizards wants Wall’s trade demands to be true and Beer to transfer due to the loss of team leader. If you do. For Wizards, beer that has grown into an ace is a force that you never want to let go. However, if Harden can be obtained by exchange, we have to consider it.

Another negotiating partner is the Seventy Sixers. Daryl Morey, who moved from the Rockets GM to the Sixers, has declared that he will continue to build a team centered on Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, but the darkness is ahead of the NBA trade market. That’s right. The reinforcements of Seth Curry and Danny Green can also be seen as creating an environment that makes Harden easier to play. Ben Simmons is a great defender and game maker, but he’s not good at jumping. If you think of a team that can win the playoffs, the Simmons-Harden trade is valid.

It may seem absurd, but the NBA has made such trades for years. After all, the point is how hard Harden himself, who may have declined the contract extension offer for a long time, will take a strong attitude toward the Rockets. Even if you bind a player who has lost motivation with a contract, you cannot expect good results. Although the player passed through selfishness, the way Anthony Davis left the Pelicans was forcibly recognized as an “ant”. The Rockets have no choice but to close the trade, even with some concessions.

In fact, discussions with Nets may be ongoing. Other than the teams listed here, there are many who can negotiate with the Knicks, Bulls, Pelicans, and Warriors. After all, the Rockets have two cards, the MVP. What kind of settlement will be seen in a short time, the response here will be important to determine the ups and downs of the Rockets over the next five years.


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