In the NBA Draft 2020, the top nominations are not always active from the first year. Every year, players who make a surprise from the nominations in the middle order or lower usually appear.

Last year, 21st place Brandon Clarke (Memphis Grizzlies) and 41st place Eric Paschall (Golden State Warriors) were good examples, and Nikola Jokić (Denver Nuggets) was 41 in 2014. position, de Raymond Green (Warriors) was 35 of nomination in 2012.

Therefore, in the following, we will once again look back on the nomination ranking of NBA Draft 2020 and pick up players who can be bargains.

Cole Anthony (Orlando Magic) -15th in the first round

Cole Anthony (Orlando Magic) -15th in the first round

In high school, Anthony was one of the top three players in the United States. New York street-trained point guards have averaged 16.9 points since the Freshman season. Then, when he became a senior, he transferred to the prestigious Oak Hill, and in the same year, in the high school all-star games “McDonald’s All American,” “Jordan Brand Classic,” and “Nike Hoop Summit,” all the elite players gathered together. Won MVP in all three tournaments for the first time. He was selected as the 2nd place in the player ranking “ESPN 100”, and at that time, he was definitely regarded as the top draft nomination.

Even after going on to North Carolina, he broke the record for newcomers to the college with 34 goals in his debut match, marking over 20 goals in three consecutive games. However, after returning from injury, although he achieved excellent results as an individual, he could not call for victory in the team, and his evaluation gradually declined. As a result, the nomination ranking was 15th, which was far below expectations and entered the NBA.

However, his sense of shotmaking and his ability to score in any area will be camphor for Magic’s weak offense. In the future, Anthony has the potential to become a scoring guard comparable to Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets) and Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks).

RJ Hampton (Denver Nuggets) -24th in the first round

RJ Hampton (Denver Nuggets) -24th in the first round

Denver Nuggets may once again have a good stake. No one would have imagined that Hampton, who was ranked in the TOP 10 of “ESPN” and “247 Sports” last year, will remain so far.

Like LaMelo Ball, Hampton chose to challenge NBL without going to college. The New Zealand Breakers didn’t have an average of 8.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.4 assists, but they had an average playtime of 20.6 minutes (the ball averaged 31.2 minutes and 17 points) and a field goal success rate. It seems like it was a good professional debut, considering that is over 40 percent.

Hampton scored an average of 32.0 points in the final year of high school, and also scored an average of 24.6 points in the “Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL)” sponsored by Nike, a combo guard with a reputation for scoring ability that makes use of his high athletic ability. In addition, training with Mike Miller, who has won two NBA championships in the Miami Heat, has significantly improved the performance of jump shots.

According to Kevin Pelton’s statistical model on ESPN, which measures player value five years after his debut, Hampton ranks eighth overall in the rookie. It may overturn the criticism and show its presence as a scoring source to support Jamal Murray

Tyrrell Terry (Dallas Mavericks) -2nd order 31st

Tyrrell Terry (Dallas Mavericks) -2nd order 31st

Point guards from Stanford University set a new record in a basket IQ test conducted by the NBA’s front office off this season, according to information obtained by HoopsHype on condition of anonymity. That is none other than Terry.

Terry’s Court Vision may be a perfect match for team ace Luka Doncic. Terry’s biggest strong point is a bold three-point. The shot after biting the one dribble has a good rhythm, and you can also select catch and shoot from the perimeter. Above all, the good probability that the success rate exceeds 40% can be converted into immediate force.

In addition, the handling is smooth, and the play that makes the best use of the surroundings as a guard is also above the point. In addition, he succeeded in increasing the weight by about 7 kg with this off, and the physical aspect, which was considered to be a weak point, is also improving.

By the way, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer placed Terry in eighth place overall in the rookie. The team that failed to nominate in the first round next year may have great regrets.

Cassias Stanley (Indiana Pacers) -54th in the second round

Cassias Stanley (Indiana Pacers) -54th in the second round

Stanley, the only Pacers nominee in the NBA Draft 2020, will be one of the underrated players.

At the time of his enrollment in Sierra Canyon High School, Stanley was the ace of the teams of Kenyon Martin Jr. and Scottie Pippen Jr. As a result, the player was recruited to Duke University, averaging 12.6 points and 4.9 rebounds, and was also selected for the ACC All Freshman Team.

The Stanley is the weapon with the greatest athletic performance. In the vertical jump of the NBA Draft Combine, he marked 111.76 cm, the top participant. In the sprint test running 3/4 of the court, he ranked 4th overall, proving that he was not just a jumper.

Nate Björkren, who won the championship as Nick Nurse’s right-hand man and became the new coach of the Pacers, has announced that he will pursue a more aggressive offense. Stanley, who demonstrates his talent in transitions, must fit into the Pacers’ new offense system.


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