“SoftBank Winter Cup 2020 Reiwa 2nd Year 73rd National High School Basketball Championship” to be held in Tokyo from December 23rd to 29th. Since the Inter-High and National Athletic Meet have been canceled this year, the Winter Cup will be the first and last national competition. In Basketball King, we will pick up and introduce the teams to watch in the tournament that decides the best in Japan in winter.

Winter Cup 2020 Featured School: Tokai University Fukuoka "Winter to challenge with two-platon

Winter Cup Women’s Featured School (6) Tokai University Fukuoka High School (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Fukuoka High School attached to Tokai University will be participating for the second time in a row for two years. He won the Fukuoka Prefectural Qualifying for the Winter Cup and will take on the challenge of this tournament with that momentum.

At last year’s tournament, which was the first appearance, the largest player entered was 173 cm, and Tokai University Fukuoka is rather a “small team” at the national level. However, he turned that small thing into a plus, and had a style of tossing the opponent with mobility, and he found a winning opportunity from abundant momentum, such as sharp drive, outside angle shoot, and pressure with his feet even in defense. However, this year, the enrollment of international student Foul Aminata added an overwhelming height of 198 cm.

However, Aminata is still in the first grade. The point was to be able to adapt to the fast basket that Tokai University Fukuoka is proud of, but in the Fukuoka Prefecture final, the zone defense will be played during the time when AMINATA is in, and the one-to-one defense will be played in the press during the time when there is no AMINATA. However, this fits perfectly. Even in the offense, there were scenes where Aminata’s height was utilized, and there were scenes where the outside team scored a 3-point shot with a good feeling, which shook the opponent.

Head coach Yusuke Miyazaki, who is in charge of the game, also said, “Since I made baskets in the shape of a two-platon, I think it was difficult for the members other than Aminata to respond to the defense, but it worked well in the match. I think it’s connected to the fact that there were few goals. “

Aminata came to Japan before the spread of the new coronavirus infection. However, shortly afterwards, there were days when I couldn’t even practice due to a period of self-restraint. As the dormitory players returned home, Aminata took a closer look at the school’s Japanese curriculum. As coach Miyazaki said, “That time may have worked positively,” he was seen actively communicating with his teammates in the November game.

Tokai University Fukuoka has never timed out in the final league of the Winter Cup qualifying round. “We have been preparing to trust the players and have them survive,” said Miyazaki. It can be said that it is because of the trust, but the center of it is Tomomi Kidera and Kano Ogata, who are in the third grade. Kidera said in this year’s initiative, “I felt that communication was important after Aminata came, so I talked on the court as a game captain, and even if I timed out, I talked to myself after the teacher’s instructions. I’ve been here. “

“Since last year’s tournament, Seika Girls (in the same Fukuoka prefecture) won the top eight, we would like to prepare for even better results in the Winter Cup,” said Miyazaki. , The goal of the team is “best 8 or more”.

The 4th seed Tokai University Fukuoka appeared from the 2nd round. The opponents of the first match will be the winners of Yuzawa Shohoku High School (Akita) and Gifu Girls’ High School (Gifu). Whichever wins, it is expected to be a tough match from the first match, as it will only be a match against regular schools nationwide. How to overcome the suddenly greeted Daiichi with a new style that fuses height while making the best use of the trained “legs”⁉ Pay attention to the battle.


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