Winter Cup 2020: Tokyo Seitoku University (Tokyo) "Run with a speedy basket that switches quickly!"

“SoftBank Winter Cup 2020 Reiwa 2nd Year 73rd National High School Basketball Championship” to be held in Tokyo from December 23rd to 29th. Since the Inter-High and National Athletic Meet have been canceled this year, the Winter Cup will be the first and last national competition. In Basketball King, we will pick up and introduce the teams to watch in the tournament that decides the best in Japan in winter.

■ Winter Cup Women’s Featured School (4) Tokyo Seitoku University High School (Tokyo)

This year’s Tokyo Seitoku University High School (Tokyo) got off to a good start by winning the Kanto rookie competition (Kanto High School basketball rookie competition) held in February. However, in the “2020 Tokyo Thanks Match”, which was held after a period of self-restraint due to the corona wreck, they lost to Yakumo Gakuen High School, which was a match between all the wins, by one point. Taking advantage of this regrettable defeat, he aims to advance to the top four goals in the Winter Cup.

The team develops fast breaks and early offenses from aggressive defenses with the strength of running baskets that make use of mobility. Aoi Yamada (3rd year), captain and commander, and Miku Aono and Rie Suda (3rd year) who have been in the starting lineup with Yamada since last year, and Saki Furuya (2nd year) who has a scoring ability of 178 cm are the main members. That’s right. In addition, there are many players who can play all-round, and “I am very conscious of this year” (Yamada), and it can be said that this year’s strong point is that everyone aggressively and boldly sets up one-on-one.

Tokyo Seitoku University aims for a high-score development in attacks, with the ideal basket that does not stop. However, in the aforementioned Yakumo Gakuen game, passive play was conspicuous from the first half, and coach Shuhei Toka repeatedly said, “Run!” After the match, Yamada admitted that “the opponent’s defense was also fierce,” but recalled the disappointing defeat, saying, “It was a heavy development from the beginning and we were not able to finish running.”

“Making transitions faster” (Yamada)

“Running firmly to attack and defend” (Coach Toka)

As you can see from both of these words, the key to victory at this year’s national tournament, which is the first and last, is whether or not you can run for 40 minutes no matter who your opponent is.

In 2020, the number of official games is overwhelmingly insufficient for all teams. The Tokyo Women’s representative school will have an advantage in being able to experience the “real atmosphere” (Yamada) by playing a match at Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, which is one of the winter cup venues. ..

The captain of Tokyo Seitoku University said, “I ended up crying last year, so I hope I can enjoy the game and laugh and finish this year. For that reason, I want to achieve the goal of the best four,” said the last high school student. Looking ahead to the tournament.


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